Ansø of Denmark

Ansø of Denmark was founded in 2001 focusing mainly on building exclusive folding knives to a global market, still, the company remains deeply rooted in Denmark.
In 2019 Jens Ansø created NJORD - a series of kitchen knives combining the noble art of Japanese craft with timeless Danish design.

All knives are designed and made in Jens Ansø’s workshop set in an old dairy farm in rural Denmark.

Today a small handful of people are employed by Ansø of Denmark including Jens Ansø’s wife, Karina Baglioni Ansø, who among other things, takes care of the business administration, planning, and communications. What was once a one-man company is now a family business with a deep passion for quality knives that still resonates at the core of everything they do.



”Craftsmanship has an eternal quality. A quality that exceeds the everchanging fashion and taste of today. It has an inherent permanence. Nothing can replace fine craftsmanship.”